The Dangers of Black Magic

Black Magic Love Spells – Extremely Powerful But Dangerous
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Ruda Rue Soap. This is quite helpful in seeking strength and protection, as well as helping to draw love into your life. Most commonly used to help remove and protect against hexes, curses, jinxes Used to remove curses, hexes and other such evil forces to keep them from doing further harm.

Side Effects of Casting Love Spells

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The people who still perform those rituals can be both Venerable monks almost years old or Lay Ajarn be them black or white ones 2 The fact for me to describe those practices is to be seen mainly as an ethnologic work, it does not mean i myself practice such rites or encourage anybody to do so. Post 1 Oct 10, Is black magick very dangerous?

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And if yes, how come? Alot of people tell me that black magick is very dangerous and that if I do one wrong thing with black magick, Im dead Login or Signup to reply to this post.

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Re: Is black magic dangerous? By: Missjerseyb1.

Dangers associated with obsession spells black magic for the client

Post 2 Oct 10, By: AbigailRox. Post 3 Oct 10, Yes Ally any magic whether its white or black can be dangerous if you use it the wrong way or something like stuffing up maybe.

Aghori with a skull performing black magic - Haridwar

But if you are careful on what you do and you study certain things and study the basic before doing any spells or certain spells then you shall really be fine. Anyway good luck to you in all your studies and spells! By: shimmygirl.

Post 4 Oct 10, Never perform any magick if you are feeling anxious or nervous. By: UndyingSoul. Post 5 Oct 10, Also to point out magick has no color, as energy is energy.

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Yet I would view "Black" magick as working with "negative" energy. Negative, black, white, dark, light, bad, good all are subjective terms that come down each individuals perception and opinion. By: Tylorsiki.

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Post 6 Oct 10, Magic has no clour and there isn't a good and a bad. Just what is and what isn't ethical. All magic have some dangers associated with them,"white" and "black" pose dangers depending on the spells,could be from posionous ingredients or being locked up for grave robbing.

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But Unity is the real basis of the Occult Sciences—physical and metaphysical. Never met one smart enough to stay right. MAGIC is a dual power: nothing is easier than to turn it into Sorcery; an evil thought suffices for it. How many more similar instances may not be found in the Bible, the last and latest of the Occult works of antiquity? Not funny, like some higher force is having a laugh!!

Its depending from you whether the results are better than the consiconcess.