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We have a blended family and sometimes it feels like a puzzle. This is so representative of us! Love this!!!

Carol Harrison

All heads usually takes about 8 throws, with 2 more in case of bad luck. Your email address will not be published. Read more about. I really like these frames! Ever heard of e Universal Probability Figure? The cross is the missing piece in the middle of every puzzle.

I would do this with my 4 girls and hang it in my bedroom so I could see it first thing when I wake up in the morning. This is such a great idea! I would give it to my son and daughter in-law. They would probably put it in their dining room. So cool! Oh gosh, that is so cool! I would probably hand it in my front room in the middle of the arch. It would be one of the first things you see coming in the door and we spend a lot of time in the front room. It is a great way to remember they fit together just a differently as we do. She is just a challenging puzzle, every time I fit a piece I am over joyed!

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15 quotes have been tagged as puzzles-of-life: Amit Ray: 'In one equation you can solve all the puzzles of life. It is the equation of giving.', Dianna H. And I decided that 4-year-olds really know how to live. They have it figured out, this puzzle of life. It is really not so difficult.

Loving this!!! So want to win! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway Love that puzzles photo frames! What a beautiful gallery wall!

If I had one, I would hang it in my hallway or my dining room. This is SO clever, I absolutely love how you did 2 of the same color in the middle and your newer family branching off! Such an amazing idea!! This is so beautiful!!! I would love to have one of these hanging in our entryway! Thanks for the chance! This is super cute!

The Puzzle Of Life - Simon Pierro

I would hang it right in the entry way or on the stairs so everybody could see it. I would give it to my brother and sister in low since they are just starting a family with the baby arriving in January. They would love this!! It has light to med. Your email address will not be published. Let me offer the following tips for designing your puzzle: Measure your space. You can design your puzzle to be a vertical or horizontal layout, but choose before you begin so that you can select the interlocking pieces that fit.

With 4 different shapes to choose from, you can make any layout you like! Just be sure that the pieces you choose will fit together the way you envision. Consider other add-ons for your gallery.

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Personal wall plaques, or vinyl like we chose can also make for a great touch. Start with a central theme for your design — wedding, family, whatever you like! All tutorials and photos published at Happy Hour Projects are copyrighted. If you would like to feature my tutorial on your website or share it on your social media you may use one photo to feature, as long as you provide a link back to the original post.

If you feature a photo, it may not be accompanied by the project tutorial or recipe, whether in my own words as it originally appears or paraphrased by you. This also includes personal sharing on social media and Pinterest.

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Publishing multiple photos from a project, or including instructions with an accompanying photo are not permitted and you will be asked to remove them. I love to share my projects, and my tutorials, recipes, and e-books are ALL free for your personal use. However, photos and ideas that are published to this site are my protected intellectual property. You may print them at home, but please do not copy or distribute them.

I also allow all designs to be made and sold at fundraisers, craft fairs, etc. If you are selling a piece made from one or more of my free tutorials in your online shop, I require that you use your own, original photography, and include a link back to my website to credit me as the designer. I hope you enjoy what you read here, and please be fair when you share! Comments Hi i recently purchased this puzzle of life for my wedding.

I would hang it on my bedroom wall. It would look great there. I would hang this front and center in our living room! We just got married and this is perfect!

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I would hang it in the living room so that everyone would see it when they came in :. I would hang it in the living room of course! I would hand it in my long hallway.

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We can add more to it in that location! Ever hear of a tumbling barrel? It is a cask or drum equipped to revolve at a predetermined speed. Into it are put steel castings or manufactured metal pieces. An abrasive such as powdered alumina or carborundum is also put into the barrel, or maybe sand, rubber pellets, or steel balls, depending on the character and hardness of the metal parts.

The tumbling barrel is then rotated. With each revolution the metal pieces are carried partway up the side of the drum; then they fall free and drop back down. As they tumble and spill against each other and are rubbed by the abrasive, the burrs disappear and the rough edges are smoothed.

They are then in shape to function properly. This ingenious process strongly suggests the way men are tumbled about in life. We come into the world with burrs and edges characteristic of raw newness. But as we go along, we tumble against each other and also rub against hardships and difficulties. This affects us much as the abrasives in tumbling barrels affect new pieces of metal.

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Such friction and attrition make for a rounding and maturing of personalities. There are well-meaning people who believe that life is too harsh. They would like to plan and arrange the world so that no one need suffer. But without struggle, how could the end result of personality be developed? How could a person become rounded and mature and strong? This shaping process makes men.

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As tough and unpleasant as difficulty may be, it is the source of potential development. Surround every difficulty with prayer, with faith, and with straight thinking. Then let enthusiasm build power under it.

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