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Catherine Bybee
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But then, they're pretending to be 21st century dudes who just happen to like dressing up as knights. Instead, they're all Druids.

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He did his best not to flinch at her intrusion into his head. Meg Rosenthal: Matchmaker by day, realist by night, Meg is not about to get swept away by a charming, darkly handsome businessman in a designer suit. Oct 10, LynnMarie rated it it was amazing. No one drives in New York City. Finished the book and overall really enjoyed it. Open Preview See a Problem?

Graina, calling herself Gwen, is on the lookout for a virgin with Druid bloodlines who can restore her powers. Let's just say that the sacrifice required of the virgin will not be a willing one. Duncan and Fin come to the Ren Fair every year to make sure that there aren't any virgins available. On the rare occasion that they do manage to find a 21st century virgin, any sacrifices that they make to the cause are very willing indeed. And lots more fun. Until Duncan meets Tara McAllister, a year old virgin who resists his seduction, but calls to his heart.

Tara wants more than a one-night stand, she's looking for someone who will stand by her. Someone different from the boy-man who abandoned her sister when she became pregnant, and different from the father who threw them both out. But Duncan knows he has to return to his own time when the Faire is over, and he can't rip Tara from her own century, her own life. But once Graina sets her evil eye on Tara, he realizes he has no choice. And that he wants none. He wants Tara for himself. It's only after he carries Tara to his home in the 16th century, barely one step ahead of the evil witch, that he understands that the woman he has come to admire, and maybe even love, may never forgive him for ripping her out of time.

And he learns that the evil his family has fought for centuries has followed them home. When Tara is carried back in time, I really felt for her confusion, her anger and her grief. Her old life is dead, and she has to start over. Even if she accepts why it happened, she's lost everyone she ever loved.

She needed to mourn. The relationship between Tara and Duncan takes time to develop.

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There's attraction, but it needs time to grow into something more. What I found a bit unrealistic was just how, well, unrealistic Tara was about the position of women in the 16th century. However equal Duncan treated her in private, in public the expectations would be different. The world wasn't going to change just because she was from another century, especially if that had to be hidden.

Duncan's family is a joy. It was great to see Tara develop a loving relationship with other people in his family, especially his mother and his sisters. After reading a lot of stories where all the characters come from dysfunctional families, it was fantastic to see a totally functional one!

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As a side note, if you liked the idea of magic at a Ren Faire, Emma Bull's classic urban fantasy, War for the Oaks , also hinges on the magic of a Ren Faire. If you've never read it, indulge yourself. You'll thank me. Jul 13, Fiona Druce rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Adults. Shelves: favs. Luck was truly on my side with that purchase. The story begins with Tara McAllister, a 25 year old virgin in the 21st Century, attending a Ren Faire with her best friend. Enter Prince Charming. Hawtie Highlander, to be precise. It was a bit of a trip for them, I admit.

It only took a few centuries to get there. But I digress. Duncan and Fin are set on a rather interesting journey.

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Their mission? To deflower maidens.

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Crazy, right? Necessary, however, since the blood of a virgin descended from Druids is necessary to free the evil Gypsy Queen who is actually a black witch and former Druidess, herself from the curse placed upon her as punishment for her past quite heinous deeds. You know, simple things like: having a child for the rest of her life with no one to help her raise him, things like that.

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Silent Vows (MacCoinnich Time Travels Book 2) and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible audiobook. Editorial Reviews. Review. Author Catherine Bybee writes a complicated story, one involving Silent Vows (MacCoinnich Time Travels Book 2) - Kindle edition by Catherine Bybee. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC.

Tara, while thankful for being saved, is furious at being kidnapped away from her single-mother sister did I mention the past history? The relationship between Duncan and Tara is beautiful and quite honest. While Tara may have changed her tune rather quickly, Ms Bybee is brilliant in making it believable and logical. To be entirely candid, this is perhaps one of my absolutely most favorite things about Catherine Bybee: her character development and character-driven plot.

Yes, the story is lovely and simple, but the characters are what make it truly a wonderful read.

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More on that to come! Shelves: highlander. I knew that I wanted to go back and read the entire trilogy and fall in love with them all over again. The first book in the series is Duncan and Tara's story.

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I loved the uniqueness of it, it was a quite refreshing. It was not the same old same thing time traveler story. I am ranking the entire series as a must read!! This book has it all- romance, steam You can find this entire review at Forever Bok Lover I recently read the Highland Shifter and fell in love with the entire MacCoinnich's family.

This book has it all- romance, steamy hot romance scenes, a villian, time travel, and a bit of paranormal. Oh my So, only young unmarried maids are allowed to wear their hair down and uncovered. If ye are married, divorced, or are no longer virtuous, your hair should be bound or covered the entire time ye are at the fair. There was no fooling the Gypsy Enter the time travelers, Duncan and Finlay MacCoinnich traveled from the sixteenth century to the present to stop an evil Druid witch. The brothers' mission is travel to the 21st century to deflower a maiden so an exiled witch, Grainna, didn't regain her powers.

Grainna was cursed to an eternity in an aging and powerless body. She was pushed five centuries into the future; into a time and land she had little knowledge of. Now, in order to break the curse, she had to find a woman of Druid descent, a virgin. Tara finds herself the 'chosen' maiden for this year's event, as part of the closing ceremonies of the event she participates in what she thought was mock hand-fasting ceremony with Duncan. This tie that binds us together shall never be undone. Once spoken by one of Druid descent, they would bind you to the other person past this life and into the next Can Duncan convince Tara that it was not just an act and that they truly were destined to be soul mates?

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I am not much for cliff hangers, however Catherine Bybee did a wonderful job building the fantasy world and adding so much depth to the characters you felt like you were part of the family, then she cleverly took you right to the edge and left you wanting more Nov 28, Holjo rated it it was amazing. Rated 4. This time, Cassy has convinced her to participate in a weekend Renaissance Faire. They are expected to dress in costume the whole weekend, while experiencing life without technology or modern conveniences. Unfortunately, the festival is not what it seems. The host of the event, Grainna aka Madame Gwen , is using the faire as a ruse to locate young girls with Druid blood.

Gwen is actually a former Rated 4. The down-on-her-luck single mom wants a complete do-over -- is that too much to ask? With her family long gone from River Bend, strong, independent Mel is as surprised as anyone to The seventh and final tale in the dazzling, heartwarming, and pulse-racing Weekday Brides series. She believes that fairy tales are for other people. An elite match She swore off love forever…but he just might change her mind. Meg Rosenthal: Matchmaker by day, realist by night, Meg is not about to get swept away by a charming, darkly handsome businessman in a designer suit.

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Eliza, the After a twelve-hour shift in a busy emergency room, Janet O'Brien is beat. Her last patient arrives unconscious and naked. She's lead to believe he's a psyche patient off his meds. However, once he awakens, Janet is charmed by his Werewolves come in two different categories, good and evil. Although Richard Ritter's family has encouraged him to make the change for years, he never considered embracing his wolf until he meets Kate Davis.

One night with her however, and his life c No one is more surp Kari Pearce lives the life of a lone werewolf. No one knows of her affliction, not even her sister. When she hears of a missing child up in the Sequoias, Kari goes on the hunt to find the child and her abductor before tragedy can occur.

Saving the ch Grief counselor Lauren Trousdale has no choice but to take her work home with her. A near-death experience left her with the ability to not only see, but also communicate with ghosts. The gift isn't one she dares reveal to anyone—certainly not to D For her own safety, modern day, single mom, Lizzy McAllister is forced to bow to the medieval men who surround her when she's thrust back in time to the sixteenth century against her will.

When Lizzie finds herself trapped in time with Fin, the one m Myra, a medieval virgin druidess, flees five hundred years into the future to escape death at the hands of a cursed witch and lands in the arms of a handsome but cynical twenty-first century cop. Her name is Margaret. She is like us, and possibly intact.

Pain hit his head hard.

He did his best not to flinch at her intrusion into his head. She peered to see if he spoke the truth and he prayed his abilities kept her unaware of every thought he possessed. She had dangled the carrot, his gift of immortality, in front of him long enough. He wanted payment before he delivered. As her head slowly moved in his direction, and her deadly stare met his, Michael held his breath and did his best to think only of serving her. Her glare turned into a smirk. Yes you have waited long enough. I warn you Immortality has its own set of, let us say, side effects.

Even now your beauty shines through. I would take your bed if you allowed such a thing. Michael stared into the eyes of what equated to the devil. He would have to prepare for the event, give him time to protect himself from her evil if she turned on him, or attempted to control him as she had the others. Meet me in my rooms in half an hour.