Tales of the Pacific [with Biographical Introduction]

From the black Atlantic to the bleak Pacific: Re-reading “Benito Cereno”
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Oddly, the tale thus both highlights Peru as a crucial Pacific agent in the context of the South American trade to Manila during the formation of the early modern Pacific, 52 including transpacific slave traffic, 53 and foreshadows Peruvian slavery in Polynesia in the early s 54 as well as, more generally, the rise of slavery in the South Seas after the Civil War, when there was an increased labor demand to produce cotton, rice, and other goods.

Accordingly, the color imagery centers on the color gray, mentioned four times in the description of the atmosphere in the opening paragraph:.


Everything was mute and calm; everything gray […]. The sky seemed a gray surtout. Flights of troubled gray fowl, kith and kin with flights of troubled gray vapors among which they were mixed, skimmed low and fitfully over the waters […]. Shadows present, foreshadowing deeper shadows to come.

But even in these parts a shadow of piracy is subtly cast on Delano. The more to encourage the sailors, they were told that the Spanish captain considered his ship good as lost; that she and her cargo, including some gold and silver, were worth more than a thousand doubloons. Take her, and no small part should be theirs.

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Elbaz, F. Denzin, N. Boas trained the first generation of professional American anthropologists including Ruth Benedict, Alfred L. Guyton eds Handbook of Research on Teacher Education. Legacy presents a fictionalized account of the Iran-contra scandal through the eyes of a conflicted US Lieutenant Colonel. In he was awarded a Whiting Award.

Notably, Dampier, along with Lionel Wafer, Basil Ringrose, James Kelley a later associate of Captain William Kidd , and dozens of others, opened up the Pacific via the coast of Panama in the late seventeenth century for exploration, piracy, and Anglo trade. In , Dampier and his crew had gone to Guinea, became involved in the slave trade, and took a number of enslaved African women whom they abused in every possible way on the ship.

That the buccaneers perpetrated the greatest outrages is very true; that some of them were mere cut-throats is not to be denied: but we know that here and there among their host was a Dampier, a Wafer, and a Cowley, and likewise other men, whose worst reproach was their desperate fortunes — whom persecution, or adversity, or secret and unavengeable wrongs, had driven from Christian society to seek the melancholy solitude or the guilty adventures of the sea […].

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Just as Delano projects onto Cereno piratical schemes that he himself will blithely — and with the best intentions — actually perpetrate, so the United States in the mid-nineteenth century was projecting onto the decaying Spanish empire images that would legitimize its own piratical — but of course well-intentioned — expansionism. Too nonsensical to think of! Who would murder Amasa Delano?

Following Hester Blum, the precariousness of national and individual sovereignty in the Atlantic world always already haunts the Pacific like a specter. The tale yokes together Europe, Africa, the Atlantic, the Americas, and the Pacific as tainted by the institution of slavery and by piracy. Alexandra Ganser is professor of American literary and cultural studies at the University of Vienna and key researcher of the interdisciplinary research platform Mobile Cultures and Societies. She uses the term in the context of island literatures. This is arguably the most detailed and well-balanced historical study of Delano and the slaves aboard the Tryal.

Subsequent references to the novel are cited parenthetically. See also Thomas, Cross-Examinations , In the s, Melville visited many of the same places Delano had been to 40 years earlier; Grandin, Empire of Necessity , Melville adds the explicit reference to piracy to the first edition of The Piazza Tales. Melville was also familiar with earlier Spanish accounts of Pacific exploration such as Alvaro de Mendana's, which he references in White-Jacket Brins The tale includes a stereotype of African behavior as barbaric and brutal not to be found in Delano's source text.

National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Atlantic Studies Abingdon, England.

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Atl Stud Abingdon. Published online Mar Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Accordingly, the color imagery centers on the color gray, mentioned four times in the description of the atmosphere in the opening paragraph: Everything was mute and calm; everything gray […]. Notes on the contributor Alexandra Ganser is professor of American literary and cultural studies at the University of Vienna and key researcher of the interdisciplinary research platform Mobile Cultures and Societies.

Notes 1 For example, Sundquist, Mackenthun. Disclosure statement No potential conflict of interest was reported by the author. References Adler Joyce Sparer. New York: Hall, Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, Oxford: Blackwell, A New Voyage Round the World. London: Printed for James Knapton, Boston, MA: E. House, Stockbridge, MA: Berkshire House, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, New York: Routledge, Oxford: Routledge, Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, Rodgers and Hammerstein, however, had bought all dramatic rights to the novel and did not relinquish their ownership.

Michener was a popular writer during his lifetime; his novels sold an estimated 75 million copies worldwide. He used this approach for nearly all of his subsequent novels, which were based on detailed historical, cultural, and even geological research.

Jack London

Centennial , which documented several generations of families in the Rocky Mountains of the American West , was adapted as a popular part television miniseries of the same name and aired on the National Broadcasting Company NBC television network from October through February Michener: A Bibliography , compiled by David A. Its more than 2, entries from to include magazine articles, forewords, and other works.

Michener's prodigious output made for lengthy novels, several of which run more than 1, pages. The author states in My Lost Mexico that at times he would spend 12 to 15 hours per day at his typewriter for weeks on end, and that he used so much paper, his filing system had trouble keeping up. Michener was married three times.

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In , he married Patti Koon. In , they divorced, and the same year Michener married his second wife, Vange Nord. Michener met his third wife, Mari Yoriko Sabusawa , at a luncheon in Chicago. An American, she and her Japanese parents were interned in western camps that the U.

Michener divorced Nord in and married Sabusawa the same year. Sabusawa died in Michener's novel Sayonara is quasi-autobiographical. The novel follows their cross-cultural romance and illuminates the racism of the post-World War II time period. It also was adapted into a highly successful movie of the same name, starring Marlon Brando , James Garner , Miiko Taka , and Red Buttons , who won the Academy Award "Oscar" for best supporting actor.

By , his gifts made him UT Austin's largest single donor to that time. Over the years, Mari Michener played a major role in helping direct his donations.

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The Center provides three-year Michener Fellowships in fiction, poetry, playwriting and screenwriting to a small number of students. Suffering from terminal kidney disease, in October , Michener ended the daily dialysis treatment that had kept him alive for four years. He said he had accomplished what he wanted and did not want further physical complications. On October 16, , he died of kidney failure, at age Michener left most of his estate and book copyrights to Swarthmore College , where he earned his bachelor's degree. Many of the fondest memories of my travels stem back to my years of military service in the New Hebrides — now Vanuatu — during the Pacific War years of the early s While those beautiful islands have changed much with progress in the ensuing years, I know from subsequent visits that the friendliness of the peoples, their infectious smiles and their open-heartedness will remain forever one of life's treasures.

Michener Art Museum houses collections of local and well-known artists. Two prominent permanent fixtures are the James A.

Michener display room and the Nakashima Reading Room, constructed in honor of his third wife's Japanese heritage. The museum is known for its permanent collection of Pennsylvania Impressionist paintings. The James A. Michener Society was formed in the fall of It comprises people who share a common interest and admirers of Michener's life and work. Annual meetings of members are held at locations closely associated with Michener's life.

In addition to writing novels, short stories, and non-fiction, Michener was very involved with movies, TV series, and radio. The following is only a selection of the listings in the Library of Congress files. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: James A. Michener Art Museum. Houghton Mifflin.

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The New York Times. Retrieved November 5, Presidential Lottery. Penguin Random House. Retrieved March 1, Pennsylvania Center for the Book. Penn State University Libraries.

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Jack London () was born in squalor and rose to become one of the most recognized names in American literature. London's travel and adventure. [DOWNLOAD] Tales of the Pacific [with Biographical Introduction] by Jack London. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and.

Michener Papers". University of Miami Library.

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